Middle School Summer Reading

ACS Cornerstone rising 6th-8th grade Families,

We value reading and desire to see your child continue to do so this summer. The following are the

Summer Independent Reading Requirements.

• Students ENTERING 6th-8th GRADE are required to read their classroom book PLUS ONE

book of their choice from the list provided. (We will not be providing this book to you)

• The classroom book assessment will take place within the first few days of the new school

year in August 2023.

• The student book of choice assessment will be a project your student will complete

throughout the summer and turn in the first day of school, August 16, 2023. (project

information is at the end of this letter)

• Please choose a book from the student choice list that you have not read before.

• Feel free to opt for the audiobook, but please do not opt to watch any movie version.

Grab a good book and get lost in its pages! Have a wonderful summer!

Do not hesitate to reach out if you have any questions or concerns.

Serving Faithfully,

Amanda Leonhart, Principal on behalf of Mrs. Penny Hanania and Mrs. Byrle Lauriat

amanda.leonhart@aurorachristian.org, penny.hanania@aurorachrisian.orgbyrle.lauriat@aurorachristian.org

Click here for the summer reading list.