A Note from our principal

Friday, November 18, 2022

Happy Friday, ACS Cornerstone!

I cannot even believe that we are stepping into Thanksgiving break already! How has this year flown by so fast already? It's been so fun listening to our students talk about things they are thankful for. Maybe you've seen some of them on our Facebook page. This week I heard a 3 year old say he was thankful for bread! Me, too, little man! Me, too! Let's hear it for the carbs! I've heard everything from family, my cat/dog, my teachers, God, Jesus on the cross and  the Bible to crayons, chicken patties, rainbows, and chore charts! How sweet it is to have them share and understand the simple things and the bigger things that the Lord created. May this next week be a time of celebration, laughter, indulgence, family, and rest! See you all on November 28!

Serving faithfully,

Amanda J. Leonhart


Psalm 19:14