School Closing Procedures

In the event that school will be closing due to severe weather conditions information will be provided via the following outlets:

  • Website notification -- the main page of our Web site will display a notification
  • An email blast will be sent to all families.
  • Social Media -- Our Facebook page will post accordingly
  • Local Media Outlets -- Radio, Television, and Emergency Closing Center

Every effort will be made to make a determination by 5:45 am on the day of a potential weather closing. While we will provide information to local media outlets, the quickest way to ensure accurate information is via your email, the school website, and our Facebook page.

How will a determination be made about a weather related closing? 

Safety of our staff, students, and families is paramount. The necessity of a weather-related closing is because travel to/from school would be a risk to individuals' safety. At the same time, canceling school can cause a significant disruption both to working families and our educational goals. The goal is not to cancel school, but if safety warrants, we will. There are three factors that will be used in making a determination:

  • Weather reports and data -- seeing what the weather forecast is
  • Local schools -- seeing what determinations other districts have made
  • Real-time information -- using a few individuals in surrounding areas to give real-time reports of road conditions

One of our challenges is the broad region that we pull students from. Our best judgement will take into account the region as a whole and we will not follow one single school district's determination of a closing or not.